Football Display

Football stadium LED Display Solutions

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games demonstrates the fantastic debut of LED in sports events, the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa make the world witness a new high of LED-the perfect match of sports LED display and media, LED display is also widely used in bassball stadium, rugby stadium, tennis stadium, horse racing field and other sports stadia.

Product advantges:
1. Adopt soft cabinet mask and sponge edge binding to protect screen, football and player.
2. IP65 rating, compatible with various environment conditions.
3. Adjustable cabinet bracket, esay to adjust inclination for best view in different stadia.
4. Auto brightness adjustment, optimized for daytime and night events.
5. Offer professional audio&bideo processing system, support various signal input and live broadcast.
6. Synchronous contral, make commercial Ads and sports event a perfect match.